General Dentistry

A General Dentist is licensed to practice all areas of Dentistry. The General Dentist is the “Captain” of the Dental Team, he is the creator and manager of the dental treatment plan. By performing a Complete Dental Examination, the dentist can determine the patient’s oral health.

A dental examination is complete if it allows identification of all active factors, that are capable of causing or contributing to the deterioration of oral health or function. It is incomplete if it does not provide enough information to develop a total treatment plan aimed at the optimum maintainability of the teeth and their supporting structures.

The ultimate goal of all dental treatment is Optimum Oral Health. All treatment should have the goal of providing and maintaining the highest degree of oral health possible for that patient. Treatment planning has 2 objectives:

  • Finding all of the factors that contribute in any way to deterioration of Oral Health

  • Determining the best method of eliminating each factor causing deterioration